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Andrea Dawn is the Earth Friendly Artist! 


She is committed to creating work with non-toxic, eco-friendly, sustainable and up-cycled materials. 


Andrea found a love for oil painting in 2008 when studying studio arts at Foothill College in Palo Alto, CA. She always enjoyed painting on wood and early in her career started up-cycling materials to paint on. Gathering scrap pieces of wood from construction sites, furniture and cabinetry businesses became her favorite place to find her next canvas. Andrea has always tried to be eco-friendly in her art practices because her main source of inspiration is nature and she believes in taking care of the plants and animals we share this Earth with. It wasn't until her Grandmother was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and passed away in 2015 that she became aware of the many different kinds of toxins that we are surrounded by daily. Andrea began changing things in her personal life to reduce the toxic load that was both put into and onto her body. One day while in her studio, she had a lightbulb moment with paint on her hands and thought, 

"What are in my paints?!"

Andrea began researching the mediums she had been accustomed to using, only to find out how many toxins were lurking in the unregulated world of art materials.

It was then that her journey to having a low to zero toxin studio began. In her search for the healthiest way to oil paint, Andrea found

 Natural Earth Paints, a company that was in alignment with how she wanted to create. Their pigments contain no toxic ingredients, including no heavy metals that are naturally found in some minerals, and each pigment is sustainably sourced from small quarries around the world providing many different colors.

Andrea proudly creates with their fine art pigments and mixes her own paints with walnut oil.

Andrea is currently living in Auburn, CA with her husband and daughter. 

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